Don Gray

Superintendent, Chandler School District

Originally we chose Metal Roof Contractors because they were the lowest bid for our projects. They installed a metal roof at one of our elementary schools, and we have been extremely pleased with the results. Since that time, we have had Metal Roof Contractors retrofit two other buildings with metal roofs and would like to do the same with a number of buildings that still have flat roofs so that we can cure the problems we have with leaks

Carl Glencross

Director of Operations, Choctaw/Nicoma Park School District

Metal Roof Contractors were very good to work with on installation, product colors, ideas for improved aesthetic appeal and completing the task on time and within budget. Our district has had nothing but positive comments from patrons about how much better our buildings look with the metal roofs. The district is so pleased with the effect that metal roofs have now become the standard for all new construction.”

Tom Cantrell

Superintendent, Anadarko School District

I have been making repairs on flat roofs for years and still encountered problems with leaks. In the past, we would spend around $45,000 a year on flat roof maintenance. Since there is very minimal upkeep on the metal roofs, we will only bid them for future projects. I recently passed a bond issue for our fourth metal roof and look forward to Metal Roof Contractors bidding this project since they have completed the last three. Even though they had to move air conditioners and heating units with the new roofs, there were no interruptions or discomfort to our students or staff during the installations. On top of the savings we gain through maintenance on these roofs, we have also noticed that our energy bills are reduced. The community has been extremely supportive and pleased with the results of these projects.”

Galeard Roper

Superintendent, Elk City School District

Metal Roof Contractors have a good reputation and I was told many positive things about their work prior to starting our project. One of the biggest factors in making our decision was the price versus the maintenance costs over a long period of time. We were able to redirect the water flow off the roof to an area that would not allow water to enter the building once it was on the ground. There is no comparison in the maintenance and upkeep costs between the old flat roofs and the new metal roofs. Not only are they cost effective to install and maintain, they are aesthetically pleasing and add character to the buildings.”

Dr. Craig Cummins

Superintendent, Watonga School District

We decided to go with Metal Roof Contractors for our metal roof because their roofs are not only attractive and functional, but also very durable. Our new roof survived tropical depression Erin and the 80-mile per hour winds in Watonga. There was no damage to our metal roofs, but utility poles and 80 year-old trees were blown down throughout our community. Because of the personal communication, the references we received on Metal Roof Contractors and their competitive bid price, we chose them to install our new roofs. Not only are the leak problems gone, we have noticed energy savings that came with the new roof, HVAC units and retrofit lighting.”

Bill Seitter


Why did we choose a metal roof? There was a long list of reasons: the longevity of the roof, the ability to drain water quickly, greatly reduced maintenance costs, the aesthetics the roof gives to the building and the reduced utility costs with the added insulation. Metal Roof Contractors came in with the lowest bid and were able to complete our project in a timely fashion. I would recommend them and their roof systems to anyone looking to save both time and money on maintenance and upkeep.”