The 138T is a symmetrical, two-piece mechanically seamed standing seam roof panels featuring up to a 1 3/8” insulating airspace between the deck and panel. They have a seam that forms a “T” with two beads of continuous factory applied sealant located on the seam cap. Once installed, this two piece design provides a continuous, uninterrupted seal at the top of the seam.

138T is a symmetrical roof/wall panel used on slopes down to 2:12.

138T is a continuous length panel with no end laps.

Can be installed over plywood or metal deck/rigid insulation.

Coating: PVDF


Symmetrical roof/wall panel used on slopes down to 1:12. Continuous length up to 80'. Convex curving only - 8ft minimum radius.


Plywood, Metal Deck


Standard - 24 GA. ASTM A792 (50 ksi) Optional - 22 GA. ASTM A792 (50 ksi) and .040 Aluminum ASTM B209 3003


Roll formed in factory or at jobsite


Acrylic Coated Galvalume® Fluoropolymer (Kynar 500® PVDF resin-based)

Pan Conditions:

Plank & Pencil Rib, Plank, Striated, Minor Ribs and Flat (Oil canning is inherent in all metal panels and is not cause for panel rejection. A signed pan wave acknowledgement will be required for all orders prior to production.)

Testing/Agency Approvals*:

Uplift: UL 580, ASTM E1592 Air & Water Infiltration: ASTM E1680, ASTM E1646

*Testing and Approvals are product specific. Please inquire for details.