The 238T is a symmetrical, two-piece mechanically seamed standing seam roof panels featuring up to a 1 3/8” insulating airspace between the deck and panel. They have a seam that forms a “T” with two beads of continuous factory applied sealant located on the seam cap. Once installed, this two piece design provides a continuous, uninterrupted seal at the top of the seam.

238T is a symmetrical roof/wall panel used on slopes down to 1/2:12.

238T is continuous length up to 300 ft. Tapered panels and convex curving available.

Can be installed over plywood or metal deck/rigid insulation.

Coating: PVDF


Symmetrical roof/wall panel used on slopes down to 1/4:12. Continuous length up to 200'. Tapered panels and convex curving available - 24ft radius minimum.


Bar Joist, Open Purlin, Plywood, Metal Deck, Re-Roof over existing Modified, Built-up, Single-ply or Metal.


Standard - 24 GA. ASTM A792 (50 ksi) Optional - 22 GA. ASTM A792 (50 ksi) .032 and .040 Aluminum ASTM B209 3003 and 20 oz. Copper ASTM B370


Roll formed in factory or at jobsite. Curved at jobsite. (24" panels formed on-site only)


Acrylic Coated Galvalume® Fluoropolymer (Kynar 500® PVDF resin-based)

Pan Conditions:

Plank & Pencil Rib, Plank, Striated, Minor Ribs and Flat (Oil canning is inherent in all metal panels and is not cause for panel rejection. A signed pan wave acknowledgement will be required for all orders prior to production.)

Testing/Agency Approvals*:

Uplift: FM 4471 Class 1-75, Class 1-195 UL 580 Class 90 ASTM E1592 Static Water: FM 4471 Appendix G, ASTM E2140 Air & Water Infiltration: ASTM E1680, ASTM E1646 Impact Resistance: UL Class 4, FM Class 1-SH Fire Rating: UL Class A Texas Windstorm Florida Building Code: 16606.1, 16606.2, 16606.3 Miami Dade: NOA# 15-1216.03

*Testing and Approvals are product specific. Please inquire for details.